There are many reasons that security guards should be hired in places where many people are likely to congregate. One such place that many people visit on a routine basis are malls. In a mall, having a security guard is able to help promote safety and security within the premises. They help to make sure that a safe and secure environment is kept for everyone so that everybody can have a good time. If you are the owner of a shopping mall, then it’s important for you to hire a reputable security guard. Read on to learn more about the benefits of having unarmed security guards in malls. If you are looking online for “security guard companies near me” in Florida, Williams Security Task Force is a top security company in the area who provides unarmed guards. Call Williams Security Task Force today for your security guard needs!


Reasons Your Mall Needs Security Guards


There are many reasons that hiring unarmed mall security guards make a lot of sense. Here are some of them. If you are the owner of a mall and are looking up “security guard companies near me,” you can call Williams Security Task Force to learn more! 

  • Security Guards Can Monitor and Protect Property, Stores, and Customers- Security guards are able to help shop owners promote lawful behavior in shopping malls. Having security guards in a shopping mall will help everybody, from the owners of shops to the people shopping, feel much more secure. The guard can patrol the area on foot in order to secure the building, look for disturbances, and maintain order. They can help to monitor the behavior of the individuals within these malls to make sure that nobody is breaking the law, and can lock and unlock the doors, monitor the area through a surveillance camera, and report suspicious behaviors. 
  • They Can Deter Criminals- Security guards can help to prevent crimes even before they happen. Since security guards are always on the lookout for suspicious behaviors, they will take appropriate and timely action to deter crime if any suspicious activity is detected. Criminals will know that they are not welcome when they see security guards on the premises, and they can also let the local police force know in case a crime is detected. 
  • Provide Emergency Services and Call Authorities- Another benefit that comes with hiring unarmed mall security guards is that they are able to provide emergency services inside the premises if it is necessary. The security guards are able to respond to a medical emergency in a timely manner and provide emergency first aid or to contact the nearest hospital. They are able to professionally maintain radio communication with other security personnel on the premises, and also submit verbal and written reports to company supervisors, as well as with law enforcement and medical establishments.

Why Your Mall Needs Unarmed Security Guards

  • Assist Customers and Promote a Friendly and Safe Environment- Security guards are not just there to make sure that the mall is secure, but also there to improve the customer experience. They can help to assist customers in finding the front desk or the right location. They can also escort the customers to the parking area when it gets dark, and the right customer service is able to improve the reputation of the mall as a safe, family-friendly place. 


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There are many reasons that your mall can benefit from hiring unarmed security guards. If you’re a mall owner looking online for “security guard companies near me” in Florida, call Williams Security Task Force today!