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Myths About The Top Security Services Miami Has to Offer

by | May 3, 2019 | security guard companies near me | 0 comments

For years there have been a number of misconceptions and myths floating around about the security services Miami has to offer and it is time to break them. Williams Security Task Force is one of the leading private security companies in Florida, and they are here to help you understand why these myths are not true and what the truth really is regarding security guards and security services that are available in your area!


What Are The Common Myths Surrounding Security Services Miami?

Like any other profession that has stigmas attached to it security services aren’t any different. Private security companies are always trying to break the misconceptions like security guards can only be men, security guards all have a mean and brooding face, guards don’t interact well with others, or security guards are lazy and do nothing but sit around and eat, so people fully understand and know what goes into providing security services to residential properties and businesses. If you’re still not sure if security is something you need because of the myths you’ve heard, keep reading to find out more!


One common misconception is that there are no women security guards and although it’s true that the industry is male-dominated there are women who work as security guards. Twenty-three percent of guards who work in the industry are women, and the demand for female guards has continued to rise in the United States. It has also been proven that the presence of a female guard makes people feel more comfortable.


Another belief a lot of people have is that a good security guard has to be big and muscular. Of course, having a guard with a muscular build can deter and prevent troublemakers from coming around the observational skills that guards are trained to have are what really make a difference. In fact, research shows that most people prefer to have a guard that appears welcoming and can help customers when they need it. Being approachable is something a lot of people want from their security guards. What this means is that a security guard’s skills and state of mind are more important than the way their body looks.


There are some people who think that guards don’t even have to go through training to get their job, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Security guards are your first line of defense and security before law enforcement can get to you; this is a big responsibility for anyone to take on. Because they hold this high stress and important job future security guards go through extensive training in reporting, responding, and handling the needs of clients. There are a strict set of codes and requirements that needed to be following by anyone who is providing security services. On top of this every state requires all security guards to become certified and licensed, some states even go an extra step and require guards to go through at least forty hours of training.


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Williams Security Task Force in Florida is a leading provider of the security services Miami locals trust! Our number one priority is the safety, security, and peace of mind of our clients. We utilize state of the art technology to make sure that we are always on top of the latest security trends. Call or visit us today to find out how we can help keep you and your business safe!

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