Trying to find the right type of private security guards isn’t always easy. There are a ton of different security guard services available, so trying to decide which one fits your needs best can be difficult. That is why you should turn to a team of experts, like the ones at Williams Security Task Force in Florida, to help you figure out what type of guards you should hire. The team will sit down with you and talk about what you are looking for from security guards and what your long term plan is.


How Do You Know Which Private Security Guards Are Right For You?

There are a number of different security guard services available to you, but trying to figure out which one is exactly what you need can be hard. That is why before looking into any companies to hire, it is essential that you do your research to learn about the different types of security guards available. Keep reading to find out more about each one.

  • Uniformed Officers: Most security companies that you’ll look into hiring will offer uniformed officers as a form of security to protect your home or business from crime. More often than not, these uniformed security guards will stop all criminal activity from happening on your property.
  • Concierge/Lobby Attendant: A business’ lobby is the first place customers visit, and in an apartment building it’s the first place residents, and guest see so it is imperative that it makes an impression. It is even more critical that it feels safe, so everyone knows they can relax and feel confident that they will be cared for. Having a lobby with trained security guards who can respond quickly to any type of emergency is crucial.  It doesn’t matter if the building is large or small, having security in the lobby is a non-negotiable.
  • Construction Security: For whatever reason, any time there is a new development being built or a remodeling happening vandals and criminals seem to be drawn to the site. That is why you should consider hiring security guards that will park on the construction site to ensure that nothing goes wrong.
  • Short-term security: There may be times where you only need a security officer for a short period of time, like for a party or event. There are companies who will allow you to hire a guard for a few hours, a couple of days, or even a week.
  • Security Vehicles: If you have a company that has more than one building or you live in a community it’s convenient to have a security guard who is not only armed and trained, but one in a vehicle as well so they can go around to make sure all areas remain safe. This can either be done in a car or even on a bicycle.  
  • Executive protection: Sometimes, a CEO or an executive of a company needs protection because they may encounter threats depending on the type of business they do or their rivals in the industry. At times it may be smart to hire a guard to escort you on some outings.


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